Damn It

Wow. I just messaged someone I’ve done business with before and enjoyed many long conversations with and asked her about doing some more biz end of January and when she wanted to paint the town red with me in Vegas. She seemed kind of short with me and told me to contact another person at her company. This was odd behavior as she is usually a sweet, warm, intelligent, interesting, friendly person. She had posted on a forum I haven’t really been reading lately that her husband died last night. Fuck. She didn’t deserve that and I’m so mortified to have dropped her a line about hanging out and business when she has only been back from the hospital for like 12 hours or something. And she is in fucking London now, far from home, far from where I could do anything to help. I don’t know whether I am going to cry or be sick. I was going to get some more work done tonight, but I think I’m done now.