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Puppy Cam Oops!

Sometimes I wish there were a site where I could watch live happy cute animals frolic in a variety of cam rooms. If nobody gets it together to rip this idea off, I may be forced to do it myself. I'd like to tip for awesome tail wagging, above and beyond the expected furry delight. The screen shot below might make you think this is a reality, but it actually humorously came from this site (which is totally not something you should click in the office, if you know what I mean, unless you work with me.) The cams on this site are free to watch and it is free to sign up for an account, but I'm pretty sure it does not actually showcase dog-fucking (sorry, Will), so I'm pretty sure it is merely hilarious (and not scandalous) that a dog made it to the front page.

420 Juggalo Girl

420 Juggalo Girl

by Amelia G : April 20th, 2011

wickid klowness 420 girl 420 day

I hadn’t recalled that today, April 20th, was 420 Day, but Molly Case at Sexy Fandom posted with this adorable 420 Juggalo cam girl I just had to share. She has a pot leaf drawn on her cheek and somehow manages to combine Juggalette style with something more goth-industrial and have it work. You can check her out live right now and see that I’m not making this up and signing up to chat with Wickid Klowness 420 and others is free as well.

Happy 420 . . .

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Is it ultimate cyberfreedom to enjoy World Cup with cam girls?

Is it just me or is there something delightfully meta about cam girls one can share World Cup enthusiasm with? I can't decide if this means technology is awesome or the apocalypse is upon us.

Photographs Taken by a Cat

Photographs Taken by a Cat

by Amelia G : August 10th, 2009

kitty cam perspectiveWhisper is a kitty photographer who wears a CatCam on a timer and, well, takes pictures. Taking pictures is what photographers do.

Whisper is half long-tailed yellow tabby and half Siamese. He gets his nom de photography from the color of his fur.

If you want keepsake photographs taken by a cat, you can even get prints with Whisper’s signature pawprint. It is always good to have a distinctive signature. Mine is unfortunately an un-aesthetically pleasing scrawl. Maybe I should switch to fingerpainting a . . .

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